Announcing Juniper Networks Design Training and Certification

Jutel is now offering the first course from the new Juniper Network Design curriculum.

The curriculum is available to all customers, partners, and IT professionals involved in the development or change of networks or to those looking to enhance their skill set by learning network design.


This three-day course covers best practices, theory, and design principles for overall network design and will serve as the prerequisite course for other design subject areas — data center, security, and WAN.

Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate (JNCDA)

Designed for networking professionals and designers with beginner knowledge of network design, theory, and best practices, this written exam verifies the candidate's understanding of network design fundamentals.

Why Learn Design
  • Expand skill set to include earlier phases of the network lifecycle
  • Gain deeper understanding of principles that drive protocol, platform, software, and service choices to create secure, scalable, and high-performance networks
  • Learn the process of how an initial RFP becomes a final design recommendation
  • Reserve your seat in the Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals (JNDF) class
About the Design Curriculum

When finished, the Design curriculum will include a range of courses on the latest approaches, resources and tools that enable companies to build, expand, secure and automate their networks. The courses will lead to Associate, Specialist, and Professional-level certifications. The curriculum will include coverage of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) as they relate to network design.

Follow the Design Curriculum at or on Twitter @JuniperCertify.