Designing a New Curriculum


Fellow learners, 

In December last year I shared the story of my time with Juniper and explained a bit about why education matters to me. This time around I want to share the announcement of new Juniper Networks curriculum offerings and talk for a moment about why this matters to you. We in Education Services have from the beginnings of our department been driven by customer outcomes.

Our mission is to close network engineer skills gaps, and, in doing so, reduce human error as a risk to production networks.Years of experience has shown us the best way to do this is to stay current with emerging technology and business trends and bring current best practices to our learners.

We recently completed a major Global Job Task Analysis wherein we surveyed individuals in over 30 different technical fields related to networking.Through this survey we identified two areas in which we could offer more content targeted at closing skills gaps and reducing human error. I am delighted to announce that because of these findings we are addressing the first of the two areas with the launch of our Network Design Curriculum and Certification track.  

Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals (JNDF) is the first release in our new Design curriculum. The course is for network engineers who have a desire to increase their skill set in the earlier phase of the Network Lifecycle to network design. Those with a network operations background will gain a deeper understanding of the principles that drive protocol, platform, software, and service choices to create secure, scalable, high-performance networks. I don’t want to sound like an advertisement for the course, but I can’t hold back on this one. I’ve taken a sneak peek at the content and can honestly recommend this class for anyone serious about designing or optimizing secure, scalable, high-performance networks. The class is also great preparation for the new Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate (JNCDA) certification.

The new design offerings are described in more detail in this newsletter so please read on and take full advantage what Juniper Education and our extensive Authorized Education Partner community has to offer.

Best Regards,