Updated Juniper Courses from June 2017

Coming June 2017 there are several updates to Juniper course contents and duration.

Included below a list of the changes to the course durations

New Course/Duration

IJOS ( Introduction to Junos and includes the previous Routing Essentials course)– 3 days

JSEC ( was 3 days now 5 with the inclusion of advanced VPN topics from previous AJSEC)– 5 days

AJSEC ( now included Intrusion Prevention and UTM)– 5 days

AJER ( was 3 days, now includes more Troubleshooting Topics) – 4 days

AJSPR ( was 4 days, updated lab environment and more troubleshooting labs) – 5 days

JAUT – 5 days

NACC – 5 days

Designing a New Curriculum


Fellow learners, 

In December last year I shared the story of my time with Juniper and explained a bit about why education matters to me. This time around I want to share the announcement of new Juniper Networks curriculum offerings and talk for a moment about why this matters to you. We in Education Services have from the beginnings of our department been driven by customer outcomes.

Our mission is to close network engineer skills gaps, and, in doing so, reduce human error as a risk to production networks.Years of experience has shown us the best way to do this is to stay current with emerging technology and business trends and bring current best practices to our learners.

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Junos Genius App


Take certification exam preparation to a new level. With Junos Genius you can practice for your exam with flashcards, simulate a live exam in a timed challenge, and even challenge Juniper instructors. Download the app now and Unlock your Genius today!

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Learning Bytes: New Topics


The list of Juniper Learning Bytes continues to grow. Each Learning Byte is a short tip or instruction that provides quick answers, clarity and insight into specific features and functions of Juniper technologies. The latest Learning Bytes include:

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JNCIE-SEC Exam Update


Beginning February 24, 2015, the JNCIE-SEC exam will be updated to include a new topic: AppSecure.

This topic is currently tested as part of the JNCIP-SEC written exam; this update further tests this area of knowledge through implementation and troubleshooting at the Expert level.

Most study resources – the Advanced Junos Security (AJSEC) training course, Technical Publications, O’Reilly books, etc., already include AppSecure content. The JNCIE-SEC bootcamp is currently being updated to include AppSecure coverage for release later this year.

For a full list of exam topics, visit the JNCIE-SEC Exam Objectives page. For additional information on Junos Security preparation resources, visit the Resources page.